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Experience QYMFest in STYLE with a VIP1 or VIP2 Package!

Updated: May 27, 2019

Confused about the difference? Let's break it down!

VIP Status

No matter what ticket you purchase to this year’s QYMFest, we know you’ll have a blast, but…if you want to experience our 4th annual event in STYLE, and have a TOP OF THE LINE experience, then you will absolutely want to snag one of our limited VIP package tickets.

There are 2 to choose from. The VIP1 ticket is just $65 and is JAM PACKED with value!

Check out everything you get with the VIP1 package ticket:

· Early Admission-Like waiting in lines? Me neither. With the VIP1 package you won’t have to…you will be allowed to enter the event early, in style.

· Preferred Parking-What do I hate worse than waiting in lines? Trying to find parking at a huge event! Forget about that stress as your VIP1 package includes preferred premium parking status. Easy in, easy out, that alone is worth the price of the ticket!

· Access to FRONT ROW Seating at the Performances-Forget craning your neck around those in front of you or needing binoculars to check out the action on stage, with the VIP1 package, you will be FRONT ROW!

· QYMFest souvenir bracelet-Aside from the amazing memories you will make at this year’s QYMFest, you will also leave with a physical treasure as well, one of our killer QYMFest souvenir bracelets!

· Entered in Exclusive VIP Raffles-On top of ALL the above, you will be entered in EXCLUSIVE VIP raffles, where you could win brand new sneakers, top of the line electronics, free food, or any of the additional prizes that will be donated by local vendors! (additional items to be announced later, but you can guarantee they will be awesome!)

GETTING EXCITED YET!? There is no question that grabbing one of the VIP1 tickets at this year’s QYMFest will make for an AMAZING experience, but guess what? It can actually get better…

We have a limited number of VIP2 tickets that can take your experience and excitement EVEN HIGHER!

These tix are $100, and not only do you get EVERYTHING included in the VIP1 package, but we go ahead and cap off the perfect experience with:

· Access to the VIP ONLY Cooling Room (with talent!)-This is where the stars will hang out, and this is where YOU can hang too! When the July heat hits, this cooling room will make you glad you decided to go for the VIP2 experience.

· Exclusive VIP Photo with YOU and the Talent of Your Choice-included with your VIP2 ticket is the ability for you to get a personal picture of you and ANY 1 of the amazing performers who will light up the stage at 2019 QYMFest!

VIP2, simply put, is PREMIUM access. If you want the cream of the crop, then grab your VIP2 ticket now…we have limited available, so don’t wait, you WILL NOT regret it…SEE YOU AT 2019 QYMFest!

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